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be organized

Collect all your searchs in a single application.

Stay up to date

The results of your search you wish you can update again.

reach knowledge

Refine your search with similar images and related pages.

be optional

Share the search result you want.

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Login with guest or Facebook

By Guest Login fixed, mobile and easily access all your data on your tablet by logging in with Facebook.

Multiple source support

You can add the visuals you want from the media you want.

Fine tuning of your search's

You can detailed searches by cropping the images you want to search.

Organize your archive

You can organize by deleting your searches, adding them to your favorites, and searching again at any time.

Get various suggestions

This app allows you to search with pictures using 5 different search engine instead of keywords.
These search engines;
- Google Image Search
- Bing Image Search
- Yandex Picture Search
- TinyEye Image Search
- Baidu Picture Search

You can also access more detailed information about your search results via Wikipedia.

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[ Privacy and Use Agreement ]

Updated on: 16.03.2017


The pixMatch application that bet on the contract (App);


  • Uses search engine services for search results.
  • Member does not share information, user statistics and search results and data with 3rd parties and companies.
  • It keeps search results and contents with user permission in order to organize the searches from scratch.
  • Records and materials related to the search are completely deleted from our servers by user decision.
  • Sharing with the user selection is not responsible for the privacy of search results.
  • Searching illegally identifiable images is prohibited.
  • He is responsible for user-uploaded content and obligations.
  • IP addresses are recorded during user login and picture sending.
  • The system reserves the right to control the images uploaded to the system, to delete the search and results if necessary by sending a notification to the user, and to continue the administration without applying the user.
  • The user has accepted these items using the application.


We wish pleasant searches.